Registration For Abshir (MOI) E-Service

abshirWith Abshir service, the life of Saudi Arabians has become easier. The paperless electronic system-Abshir is gaining immense popularity among people. Abshir is available at various government departments to ease the life of citizens. Advent of this system has completely ended the need of a working staff at regional passport offices or traffic police services.

People are now referred to this online system to facilitate themselves. By registering yourself online with Abshir services on Ministry of Interior, processing or completion of following tasks will be on your fingertips.

  1. You can extend visit visa of your family members.
  2. You can generate an inquiry about your traffic violation.
  3. You can get to know about the available funds under your Iqama.
  4. You can have details about expiry of your health insurance.
  5. You can check if you are eligible for Hajj.
  6. You can issue exit or re-entry vise of any of your dependents.
  7. You can check expiry date of the Iqama.
  8. You can check expiry date of your vehicle insurance.
  9. You can renew Istamara of your vehicle online.
  10. You can see traffic violation number of your traffic fine.

Online registration requires a person to create an account on the ministry’s website and it also needs person’s fingerprints to be scanned. Account can be created by clicking the icon “new user” and follow the instructions of entering your email address, mobile number and Ikama number or NIC number. Afterwards, a verification code will be sent on your given mobile number which you need to enter on your screen to proceed for further steps.abshir


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  1. rafaqat hussain shah June 23, 2016
  2. rafaqat hussain shah June 23, 2016

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