Procedure To Check Huroob Status Of Employee In Saudi Arabia

Nitaqat Category Of KafeelHuroob status or Abscondment in Saudi Arabia is imposed by the Kafeel or employer, in case when their employee is absent from work for a specific time or when he don’t pay the agreed amount to Kafeel in case of free visa. The employer or Kafeel reports to the Jawazat that the particular person is not our responsibility from now because he is absent from work or have not paid agreed amount. Employee can became illegal in Saudi Arabia if his Kafeel or employer once put Huroob on the status of his Iqama. Although employee can try to contact you from available resources but in case of failure, he will use it as the last option.

The benefits of employee in Saudi Arabia will be automatically cancelled once he got Huroob status on his Iqama. He will be banned from entering into Saudi Arabia for five years in this case. In order to avoid the possible problem, here is the procedure to check Huroob status online in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure To Check Huroob Status

  • The first step to check the Nitaqat category of Kafeel in Saudi Arabia is to open the website of Ministry Of Labor
  • After opening the website, enter your Iqama number in the second box.
  • Now enter the robot detector code shown there in the fourth box.
  • Click on the last box to enter the next step to check category of Kafeel.
  • In case, when your status is clear and normal, the message will be appeared in the next screen which indicate your name, Kafeel name and Nitaqat status of your Kafeel.
  • Nitaqat status of your Kafeel will be in the Platinum, Green, Yellow or Red.
  • You can also confirm your status by visiting Jawazat office with your Iqama.
  • You will have different options to remove Huroob status from your Iqama.

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