Control On Restoration Of Permits In ‘Yellow’ Companies in Saudia

saudiThe Ministry of Labor of Saudia has barred the restoration of work permits to expats doing job in the yellow-zone organizations under Nitaqat. However, the new order would not influence expats who have been in the empire of Saudi for less than three to four years, the source said.

The ministry said that the order was going to be valid to those who had been in the empire for four years or more. The ministry would not provide any elegance to those who have employed less than four years with their present employers in the yellow zone, even if the total phase of their stay in the empire of Saudi was four years or more.

“The ministry sees the issue date of an emigrant worker’s first labor permit to compute the time of his living in the Kingdom,” According to sources, adding up that the current time of four years would be likely to be more decreased to two years after the ending of six months from the accomplishment date of this order.
Employers have been asking that the ministry discover way out to the problems of the yellow and red grouping of organization so that the commercial process could be regularized without any waste of time for any person.

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