How to Apply For Australian Passport & Requirement

Australian Passport PicAustralia, which is officially Commonwealth of Australia, is the smallest continent in the world comprising the mainland of Australian continent including island of Tasmania and many smaller islands. It is developed and one of the wealthiest country in the world which had 13th largest economy. Due to this, it is an attractive country for not only the tourists but many people wants to go there to make their careers. Many of the Pakistani citizens also want to go there to find the desired job but due to lack of information and guidance, they are unable to do it. So here, we are giving some basic information and Requirements to apply for Australian Passport.

Rules and Regulations to Apply for Australian Passport

  • First of all, Click Here to go to Australian passport website to fill in the application form online, forms can only be filled in online and blank forms cannot be downloaded.
  • After fill out the application form online, print out this form for the signatures.
  • Signature of the guarantor is required on the back of your photo, who is Australian citizen over 18 years of age with having an Australian Passport.

Documents Required to Apply for Australian Passport

  • Proof of identity is the basic requirement to apply for Australian Passport and for this, you must have ID card, government card, driving license, immigration certificate or previous Australian Passport.
  • 2 passport size photos of the applicant taken by the professional photographer.
  • Candidates required to submit the fee of $244 to $366 for an Adult Passport through credit card, electronic funds transfer or cash.
  • At the nearest location of Australian passport office, make an appointment for submitting the application form by proving your identity and also submit passport fee there.
  • Find the nearest Australian passport office location online by Clicking Here

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