Where to Live in UAE when searching for Job?

My young brother is going to UAE. He is persistent that he will live in a room with strange people and will get a bed space. We are telling him that he should live alone separately (not in a hotel) but maybe a single room (studio) with kitchen and washroom, at max a balcony for sightseeing. How much will it cost and how can he look for such a room there. Serious answers please.

Separate room would cost him a lot of money – for job hunting purpose I believe he has to be on the roads visiting company all day along – so do not waste money on the separate accommodation – rather use this money for some other purpose. The separate accommodation is not cheap in Dubai it would cost him a lot better to stay with a stranger there is no big deal – half of the bachelors in Dubai are living like this – even girls.

Bed spaces can cost from 800 to 2000 AED. Depending upon location and how many people you are sharing room with. A separate room can cost from anything like 2400 AED to 5000 or even more depending upon area and quality of the property living in.

Well it is no big deal to live with strangers in UAE just try to find a less crowded apartment and look for the room which has Pakistani people in it. . Almost everyone working there bachelor’s lives like that there ,it’s cost effective if he is looking for separate apartment it can cost him around 4000 to 5000aed per month.

Bed spaces are not a bad option to live in. if he can get a good executive class one, that comes in around 1500 to 1600 AED in a nice new building with all facilities. You get to learn a lot in a bed space about yourself. You get disciplined. I did that too myself for most of my initial time in UAE and I was lucky to have good roommates. Although not everone likes to live in sharing.

Bed space is 800 to 1300 depending on area and room is 2500 to 4500 again based on area.

Studio room will cost him equal to his starting salary.
Expected starting salary is 3000 dirhams per month n same is the rent for studio room per month.

In an average area it should be easily AED 4500 per month for a studio apartment. There are many furnished studio apartments available that he can rent may be in the beginning. And once he’s settled he can move into a sharing apartment.

It’s better if he lives with other people. He will get a lot of help from them initially. Most of the Pakistanis living there are very nice people and everyone lives like that. There is no danger. And he will save money too an independent studio apartment in Dubai would cost around AED 5000. Sharjah etc are cheaper. He can go for a room in a shared apartment.

My brother lives with 2 more people in Barsha and it’s a good area, he pays around 1500 only for rent. It’s not easy to live alone in a studio as its quite expensive..

3500 AED for a good one (room + bathroom + kitchen + balcony). This will be new construction and in a great area. This is when you rent out for a year and pay at least 6 months amount. If you pay on a monthly basis, the rent will shoot up. Hope it helps.

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