How Expats Can Check Eligibility For Hajj In Saudi Arabia ?

HajjHajj is one of the five basic pillars of Islam which is mandatory for all the Muslims who are financially and physically capable of doing it. It is an annual Islamic gathering in the Kaaba, Saudi Arabia which is considered as the largest gathering of people in the world with millions of pilgrims. Hajj is performed every year in the last month of an Islamic calendar, Zil-Hajj. All the Muslim countries in the world receives millions of Hajj applications every year, from which people are selected by keeping in view the capacity.

Expatriates and Saudi nationals follow the same procedure of Hajj application that is through the Ministry of Interior. So below we have defined the eligibility and procedure to apply for Hajj in Saudi Arabia only for Saudi nationals and expatriates.

Eligibility Of Hajj

  • All the expatriates and Saudi nationals are not allowed to perform another Hajj within 5 years of performing Hajj.
  • For example: if you have performed Hajj in 2012, you are not allowed to perform it once again before 2017.
  • In case when you were single at the time of performing previous Hajj and after that you got married, then you are eligible to perform Hajj even by the next year.
  • The marriage rule can only be applicable if your status is updates with Jawazat.

Procedure To Check Eligibility Of Hajj

  • First of all, open the website of Ministry of Interior
  • Click on the “English” option given on the left hand side to see the website in English language.
  • Select “E Services” option from the menu given under the logo of Ministry of Interior.
  • Select “Passport” option from the column given on left hand side.
  • Now select “Public Query Hajj Eligibility” from the drop down menu occurring on your screen.
  • First enter your Iqama number carefully and then enter the image code given under.
  • Now click on “View” option shown in the below screenshot.
  • The message “Eligible to Hajj this Year” will appear on your screen if you have not performed Hajj during last five years.

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