Bahrain Visa Requirements For Pakistani

Bahrain VisaPeople who want to go to Bahrain and require a visa. Bahrain Visa eligibility would be checked electronically in an embassy. The government of Bahrain attempts to provide people through quality services to obtain their applications processed fast and there are no delays in the process.

Regular Visas
to obtain the regular visa, you require to provide recent photo and application form along with a letter to the head of mission stating the reason for your visa. If you are asking for the foreign women to connect the husband in Bahrain the Bahrini husband have to put the joining visa. Copy of passports has to be provided along with Passport sized photo. The required documents and applications have to be approved and forwarded to the foreign affairs in Bahrain.
Working Visas
Working visas are provided on the basis of (NOC) allotted by the General Directorate Residence in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The visa would not be provided without the approval of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Three months for single entry Visa
  • Five year visa for multiple entry Visa

Visitor Visa
Visitor visas are provided for two weeks to citizens of the European Union (EU), Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the USA on landing. Petitioners should have substantial, outstanding identifications and a return or a head ticket. A visa cost of BD 5 ($12) is linked and would be established at the entry of the Bahrain International Airport.

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