How To Change Name In CNIC & Matric Certificate? Procedure

smart card cnic name changeHello. I want to change my birth name legally in my education documents and CNIC….Anybody know the procedure or tell me is it possible or not?

For Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), you need to get it changed in your Matric certificate + an affidavit + newspaper advertisements for name change. 

For matriculation certificate go to school correct in their record then Karachi Matric board office then inter board office.

First Primary then 9th to intermediate will change.

It’s a long procedure. 

First change it in birth certificate then go to school get it changed and get a photocopy of the school registry with new name. After that go to the district education officer and get a form and fulfill the requirements that would be

  1. Get an affidavit signed by 1st magistrate city court in which you would mention your old and new name with reason of changing.
  2. Give an ad in a local newspaper that has a reach in 3 or more cities in which you would claim that you have changed your name from “old name” to “new name” and you welcome any interruptions with legitimate cause if any. Lastly after submitting the application to EDO (district education officer) within 7 days he would dispatch a letter to you and your Matric board office for correction in name and then you can start the board office process.
    P.S. after birth certificate and correction in school registration you may apply for CNIC no worries.

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