Guideline & Tips for Employment In Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Guideline & Tips for Employment In Saudi Arabia (KSA)Here are some guideline and tips for employment in Saudia Arabia. Firstly People need Visa to visit to Saudi Arabia, until the tourist is a national who is exempt by agreement.  Normally speaking, state of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) does not need Visas to visit to Saudi Arabia.  Need to contact the worldwide Immigration team for more advice.

Visitors are issued Business Visas for traveling to Saudi Arabia for a temporary trip, to do business activities as well as attending business meetings, talks or conferences. Business visitors to Saudi Arabia intend to utilize the Business Visitor Visa.

All applications will require to be deposited in the applicant’s country of residence.  So as to apply for a Business Visa or a Commercial Visit Visa, the candidate is supposed to submit, in the middle of other items, an official call letter which is gained from the supporter or organization in Saudi Arabia, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia. Processing times for Business Visas and Commercial Visit Visas perform differ from one Consular post to another. A business visa can be issued for either single, double, or multiple entries, valid between 1 and 6 months.

The following process normally Applies:

Block Visa –the supporting Company in Saudi Arabia is needed to achieve pre-approval to supporter an overseas national.

Visa Authorization. Ahead approval of the Block Visa, the organization in Saudi Arabia have to then, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia, achieve a Visa agreement number and Power of Attorney.

The worker may apply for the Work Visa, at the suitable Saudi Diplomatic Mission.  To apply for a Work Visa, the candidate is required to manufacture a medical certificate achieved a medical check up. Once the Work Visa has been accepted and the worker has reached in Saudi Arabia, they probably need to go through a second medical check up. Finally, once the Work allowed and Iqama is issued, the employee need to apply for an Exit/Re-entry allow via the Ministry of Interior.  This authorization will let the employee departure and re-enter Saudi Arabia in the validity of their Work allowed

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