How to Get a Mobile Phone Connection in Dubai/UAE?

Etisalat and DuIn this modern era of science and technology where world has become a global village, mobile phone has become a basic necessity for almost everyone in this world. Nowadays, it is trillion dollars industry and present in almost every part of the world to minimize the communication gap between people.

Expatriates from different countries of the world in Dubai-UAE, also want to get their own mobile connection but due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to do so. For those expatriates in Dubai/UAE, we have defined some important tips to get prepaid mobile connection.

Documents Required For Mobile Connection

  • Copy of passport.
  • Residence or visit visa, which should be stamped.
  • Go to nearest Etisalat or du business center or authorized dealer with these documents and get your mobile connection.

Fees And Tariffs Of Mobile Connection

  • There are two mobile connections operating in Dubai-UAE. First one is etisalat and second one is du.
  • Etisalat charged per minute and du charge per second, select suitable one from both of them.
  • The fees of SIM card for both the connections is AED 165, with free credit of AED 40. (Standard Rate without Promotion.
  • For more details about complete tariffs of both the mobile connections, visit the websites of Etisalat and Du

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