Guideline & Tips for Employment In Norway

NorwayNorway is eager to employ well skilled and knowledgeable workers in a sort of sectors due to its small population and gaps in the labor force. Presently oil, calculating and technology and the medical and service industries are the major employers of internationals.

The common of foreign workers have to apply to live and employment in Norway. Skillful workers will search it easier to protect a job, however, and having some information of the Norwegian language will additional improves your prospects.

Find out more about the Norwegian job market at Norwegian Employment and Welfare Administration (NAV) РPublications.

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is possibly the most available job usually held by foreign English speakers. You don’t require being easy in Norwegian to do this, as it is preferable to make a strictly English-speaking classroom atmosphere, but it will be greatly beneficial if you have a teaching qualification.

Volunteering in Norway

Voluntary job is a great way to increase your skill-set and study a new language. Volunteer places look great impact on your CV and provide you the possibility to network and make contacts.

Language requirements

Many Norwegians have a strong command on English and are able to speak the language easily. Whereas not all jobs in the country need you to know Norwegian, some information of the language will help you protect a job more easily and quickly and maybe guide to a better salary.

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