File an Application to get Driving License in Bahrain

BahrainThe procedure for obtaining a driving license in Bahrain is quite different from other Arabian countries of the region. Bahrain allows women to drive which is the distinction as compared to Saudi Arabia which doesn’t allow women to drive. Bahrain does not accept the driving licenses of most of other countries except UK and USA and some other countries. In case the applicant has license of his/her home country it won’t be accepted but the applicant needs to instructional classes along with the driving test to be eligible for the driving license.

Getting a Permanent License

It is a must requirement to be over 18 years of age and hold a valid international drivers’ license or the GCC to be eligible for applying for the Bahraini Driving License. The Bahraini residents are exempted from holding an International License and GCC. All those applicants must pass the medical test that is have a good eyesight and must be free from any disability which may prevent them from driving. After this stage the applicant needs to take instructional classes in most of the cases meanwhile the applicant must ensure that their International Driving License is endorsed by the Traffic and Licensing Directorate. After taking sufficient instructional classes the applicant can take the test which needs to be cleared in order to obtain the License. The applicants who are USA or UK residents and license holder should contact the Directorate of Traffic and Licensing personally, they will be given the Bahraini Driving license with a minimal effort.

Getting a Temporary License

For obtaining the temporary driving license certain requirements need to be met. The applicant should at least be 18 years old and must clear the medical test that is the eyesight test and should be free from disability which may hinder the driving. Another requirement is to produce the private car driving license (which the holder should have possessed for a certain period of time). The applicant must obtain the application form for the temporary driving license which needs to be submitted along with the latest photographs with full face of size 4×6 cm and the private license should also be attached according to the requirement of the law. Provided the medical test has been cleared and all other requirements have been met and the specified fee should be paid after which the license is issued with the validity of one year which may be renewed before its expiry.

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