Easiest Ways To Earn 4-5 Crore Rupees?

Please can anyone tell how one can earn 40-50 million rupees (PKR 4-5 crore)?

Try finding a commodity which every shopkeeper has to keep regardless of the brand (for example lighters) . Search for whole sellers of that product, buy them in bulk and provide them to shops. Or try going to a gift shop, ask the guy you’ll take his business on fb. Use his products and market them on facebook with $100-300. You’ll start selling soon and split the profit.

Develop something new that the world has not seen before, must be useful or really fun.

If we all knew something like that, we would’ve done it already.

Most easiest & secure way: Give Charity to earn Rs.5 Cr.

As long as I know Real estate and Construction can make that kind of an amount easily if compared to other ways or businesses.
Earn in lacs, invest in thousands and from thousands make lacs then invest lacs in real estate to earn crores…

It’s a process with a constant hard work, don’t lose the track with a broken heart if u get any loss in the business.

Earning crores is not possible without investing in real estate sector.

Getting crores quickly is not possible if it’s not written in your luck.

Sale & purchase property.

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