Raid At Prostitution Centres in Karachi Exposed by Samaa TV

Prostitution center is forbidden and un-Islamic litigate but it’s openly working out in all over Pakistan. These sex centres are open not only in homes and bungalows but also in flats, cafes and Parlours. To influence these types of centers in City, Samaa TV shows videos of these centers from hidden camera.

A White who is locomotion a centrist told that she gives approximately 4 lacs on per period supposition. Law rejected states of Japanese. It’s valuable showing here that ARY Intelligence cell also on-aired Professional Whoredom center in Tariq Road’s Model Parlour.

In place of deed for raid on that Middle, workers intelligent Center’s businessman before motility there, Bread said. Guard also free of charge from workers Place when Samaa TV was make up there. SHO of Sir Syed Guard Facility was also looking for alleged due to his doings.

Sex Centres in Karachi Uncovered by Samaa TV

The Samaa TV also broadcasted that these women has systematic set in which they do these prostitution for money. Few days’ position, a colossal attack naked concealed Sex places in Metropolis. Now different channels are also working to particular this penetrating side of our lodge. Famous Places in Karachi city for this shameful Line (Trading of Sex). Government should take some serious measures against such illegal acts that are spoiling the environment.

Famous places in Karachi for this Business Are

  • Zamzama
  • Mazar-e-Quaid
  • Aladin Park
  • Safari Park
  • Ice Cream Parlours in all over the city


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