Sabaat Becomes the Voice of the Unheard & Marginalized Communities in Pakistan

Under-reporting certain issues & communities is nothing new for mainstream media but Sabaat, a network of independent Pakistani journalists & media professionals are trying to change this by becoming the voice of the unheard & marginalized communities.

Rather than depending on mainstream news channels and media outlets to report discrimination & problems of minorities, women & other alienated groups, they are trying to reach people online using various channels such as website, Facebook & Twitter.

The journalists associated with Sabaat, cover stories on diverse issues such as the plight of thousands of Bihari & Bengali population who migrated to Pakistan after 1971 and yet are not accepted as full Pakistani citizens.  Individuals such as Divya, 80 year old Hindu woman from Peshawar, who doesn’t regret her mother’s decision to stay in Pakistan despite the partition, are also subject of their stories.

Reporting a news when it becomes a media sensation and then forgetting the cause is very common for mainstream channels but Sabaat is different. This can be clearly seen on the applauded Zainab Alert Bill 2020, while others celebrated it as a victory and forgot, Sabaat pursued the issue and reported that despite passing the Bill no steps have been taken for its implementation.

As Sabaat is a network of INDEPENDENT journalists, they are free from any foreign funding and association with media houses. This gives it the freedom to report the unreported and become the voice of the unheard.

You can also be part of this independent network by simply sharing the reports covered by Sabaat on their official website because people deserves to know. Sabaat also initiated the e-bulletin by which you can register and get all the reports, news & updates on fortnightly bases.

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