Shops Not Closing For Friday Prayers Will Be Fined In Qatar

Friday PrayerThe law has passed in Qatar that will enforce all the shops, restaurants, offices, malls and clinics also to shut down during Friday prayers for 90 minutes. Any shopkeeper, restaurant, office or clinic owner who will find not obeying the particular law will be fined 10,000 Qatari Riyal, equals to around 2746 US Dollars. The new order was announced yesterday which came directly from Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani that makes shop closure compulsory from the first call for Friday prayers (azan) every week.

The legislation which is Law No.5 of 2015, will be effective after published in the official gazette soon. It will be better for all the shopkeepers to obey this law and close their shops, restaurants, offices and other businesses between Friday prayers each week. Otherwise, they should be get ready for the huge amount of fine imposed for disobeying the law in Qatar.

The debate has also started in Qatar that whether millions of football fans and tourist will be allowed to drink alcohol or not, who will come to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Because previously in 2011, the government of Qatar had suspended all the licenses of alcohol at cafes and restaurants in the country and even outdoor parties with loud music were also banned.

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