Procedure of Pakistani Passport Renewal

Expired passport becomes a curse for you if you need it urgently, and then you get to know that renewal process is too long, that may delay your chance to flight somewhere. Therefore, this one page article will tell you the complete procedure of Pakistani passport renewal. If you keep a computerized passport and still your passport is within the expiry of 6 months, then go ahead with these lines. In Karachi, you will find passport office near Saddar.

First of all you need to submit the renewal fee of passport in the bank which locates under the boundary of passport office. Now, get a free chalan paper from the office which is at the entrance of passport office. After this, check the renewal fee of your passport, here you will see two fee structures, one is for urgent and second is for normal.
If you want it within 10 days then go with urgent or if you can wait for up to 4 weeks, then go with normal. When you have successfully submitted the fee (including bank processing fee) then go into the queue for taking your picture. On this step, you need to make it sure that you have your original CNIC and passport with you plus some necessary photocopies.

After getting your photographs, you will be given a token and you need to head to the verification counter to verify your details, then second step will be of your Bio metric impression. Last step is to go to commissioner, where he will ask you for few other documents, like CNIC, Matric mark sheet, Birth certificate, Domicile and father’s CNIC, he may ask you few questions relevant to you as well. Now Be Happy since your process is complete. Later, you will go to collect your passport from passport office, where you will find different divisions on the basis of your living zone i.e. east, west, south etc. Remember to go early in the morning to avoid any inconvenience.

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