Silk Line Famous Routes, Categories,Timings, Contact Details, Ticket Price and Online Booking

One of Pakistan’s top passenger transportation firms, Silk Line, operates in Punjab and has an impressive clientele and track record.

In order to deliver the most cost-effective and practical decisions for your company, Silk Line has a good grasp of the fast-paced nature of shipping distribution as a logistic display of the highest degree of personalized customer services.


This bus company offers many bus models at various prices. Both upscale and affordable buses are available.

With additional legroom, Executive Yutong Buses fits into this group.

This category includes the Executive Plus Latest Higer/Yutong Buses with VOD System and extra legroom.

Top Operating Bus Routes

• Lahore – Taunsa Sharif

• Lahore – Chowk Qureshi

• Lahore – Kut Addu

• Lahore – Rajan Pur

• Lahore – Muzaffargarh

• Lahore – Sanawan

• Lahore – Fazil Pur

• Lahore – Khanewal

• Lahore – MultanMW

• Lahore – D.G Khan

• Lahore – Jam Pur

• Lahore – KotSultan

Silk Line Ticket Price List

Silk Line offers a variety of bus types and services; ticket costs are determined by these luxury and budgetary categories. For instance, their fares vary depending on the route taken from Lahore to Rajanpur, Layyah, Multan, Khanewal, and other locations.

The lowest ticket price is Rs.1250 for the Lahore-Khanewal route, and the highest is Rs.1600 for the Lahore-Jampur route.
Here is a list of some popular routes’ ticket prices.

• Lahore – Rajanpur Rs.1550
• Lahore – Fazalpur Rs.1650
• Lahore – Layyah Rs.1450
• Lahore – Jatoi Rs.1500
• Lahore – Jampur Rs.1600
• Lahore – Taunsa Sharif Rs.1550
• Lahore – Kotadu Rs.1300
• Lahore- Sanawan Rs. 1530
• Lahore – DG Khan Rs.1400
• Lahore – Chowk Qureshi Rs.1500
• Lahore – Muzzafargarh Rs.1430
• Lahore – Multan Rs.1450
• Lahore – Khanewal Rs.1250

Silk Line Timings

Line has multiple bus options available on all routes with flexible bus timings. The distance and bus timings of some of the Silk Line bus routes are mentioned here.

Lahore to Rajanpur: Lahore to Rajanpur by bus can be covered in 6 hours and 30 minutes almost, early bus from Lahore leaves at 7:00am and last bus departs at 11:00pm.

• Lahore to Layyah journey takes 5 hr 30 minutes, early bus leaves at 7:00am and last bus departs at 12:00am.

Lahore to Kot Adu is a long journey of 396 km taking 5 hours 15 minutes and early bus is at 6:00am and last bus at 11:00pm.

• Lahore to Khanewal bus journey takes approximately 3 hours 45 minutes with early bus at 12:00am and last bus at 11:45pm.

Online Ticketing System

Although Silk Line offers online ticketing, is the company that powers that system.

Online ticketing is available from Bookme and Silk Line for practically all of their destinations. For customers who purchase tickets using their online portal, it frequently offers discounts.

1) Log on to
2) Decide on your departure and arrival points
3) Determine the date of your trip
4) Decide on Silk Line as your bus provider.
5) Pick the seats you want.
6) Give your name, email address, and phone number.
7) Send money.
8) A message or email of confirmation will be sent to you.
Payments can be made with credit/debit cards, JazzCash, and Easypaisa.

Silk Line Head Office Address

Rahber Travels Band Road Lahore
Contact: (042) 111 254 333

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