Umrah & Hajj Packages for Overseas Pakistanis Visiting Pakistan

Umrah and Hajj are the two biggest holy gathering of Muslims and every Muslim who has the ability or is capable to perform Hajj is obliged to it at least once in his lifetime. In this holy gathering, Muslims from all over the world gather in a single place/ city of Saudi Arabia known as Makah.

Makah is considered as a holy city of Muslims where the last Messenger of Allah and the final Prophet Muhammad (S.A) was born. As it is the birth place of the beloved Prophet (S.A) and also the place where he (S.A) is buried, so every Muslim has a dream to visit the place and have a sight of the grave of beloved Prophet (S.A).

However, to see the grave is only the love of people but here the obligation is to perform Hajj in front of the holy Kaaba which is considered as the house of Allah (SWT). As mentioned above that Hajj is an obligation so every Muslim has to perform it. So today to perform hajj is also a great problem as many people who are able to perform it can’t get the chance to go.

The reason of not getting the chance is either the limit of people the Saudi government has provided is fulfilled or not getting a perfect Umrah of Hajj package.  So in order to get a good package for the people living in Pakistan or coming from overseas there are numerous agencies which provide a good package for them.

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