Plan Tour to Kaunos Villas Reflections of Ancient City Caria

Kaunos VillasKaunos Villas are located few kilometers west from Dalyan Province of Turkey. The Dalyan River is the border between Caria and Lycia. Previously it was a separate state and now became part of Caria and then of Lycia. Kaunos was knwn as a sea port. After the establishment of Iztuzu beach and Bay of Dalyan the Kaunos is present at 8 kilometers from coast. The city comprises of two ports.

Kaunos has abundant archeological significance. Many archeological researches has been carried out at Kaunos and not only in Kaunos but also to its surroundings especially near Sultaniye Spa. The oldest thing that was found at Kaunos was the neck of Protogeometric amphora. Kaunos is famous both for ecological and archeological significance. It has fabulous vistas and is home to wildlife. The ancient remains of the city are present near Dalyan.

The kings and famous citizens’ constructed the tombs of Kaunos exactly like it was done by Lycians. The bigger tombs were constructed later and the smaller ones are old. All of the tombs are deceased by the robbers in search of valuable things and jewels. Fish and salt can be found at the shallow water near kaunos and is also sent to other areas.

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