Sandal Express Train Schedule & Daily timings


Ravi Express TrainSandal Express is a regular service of Pakistan railways. The train carries passengers between Multan and Sargodha. The train runs daily with maintenance of security and safety protocols. The stations are exactly named as Multan 139 up and Sargodha 140 down. Stations and timings of train at respective stops are provided here with reference to latest schedule of Pakistan railways.

Timings and Stations of train from Multan to Sargodha:

From Multan Cant to Khanewal:

Train starts its journey at Multan Cant on 6:15, it heads forward until it reaches New Multan City at 6:22, then Tatipur at 6:38, then Riazabad at 6:48, then Kot Abbas Shaheed at 6:56 and then at Khanewal Junction on 7:10.

From Makhdumpur Pahoran to Waryam:

From here train moves forward until it reaches Makhdumpur Pahoran at 7:39, then Abdul Hakim at 7:55, then Darkhana at 8:07, then Jarala at 8:21. It moves ahead until it reaches Shorkot Cant Junction at 8:40, then Waryam at 9:07.

From Rustam Sargana to Jhan City:

Train departs from Waryam at 9:09 and moves forward. It reaches the next station Rustam Sargana at 9:26, then Muddoke at 9:49, then Jhang Sadar at 10:05, then Jhang City at 10:18.

From here train moves forward and reaches Chund at 10:41, then Shah Jewana at 11:00, then Shah Nikdur at 11:13, then Sobhaga at 11:30, then Sillanwali at 11:15, then Shahinabad Junction at 12:10, then Charnali at 12:28 and finally it reaches Sargodha Junction at 12:40.

Timings and Stations of train from Sargodha to Multan:

Here train continues its stations and moves ahead in reverse order to the sequence mentioned above. It starts the journey at Sargodha Junction on 15:45 and ends the journey at Multan Cant on 22:30.

Note: Fares and prices are subjected to regular changes. Therefore, the Pakistan Railways should be consulted for further information at the contact number 02135499111.

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