Shaheen Passenger Train Schedule & Daily Timings


Image result for Shaheen Passenger Train Shaheen Train is a regular and classic train that is taking passengers between Wazirabad and Sialkot. The train carries the passengers on daily basis and is a successful train. It has gained a good popularity in public due to its moderate and timely services. Stations are named according to city, the one in Wazirabad is named 225 up and the other in Sialkot is named 226 down. The timings and names of stations with their respective schedule are provided here in accordance with the latest available schedule.

Timings of Shaheen Passenger Train from Wazirabad to Sialkot:

From Wazirabad to Sodhra Kopra:

The train starts its journey from Wazirabad Junction at 6:00; it heads forward and reaches Sodhra Kopra at 6:11, from where it departs at 6:12.

From Sodhra Kopra to Sialkot Junction:

Train moves ahead from here and reaches Sambrial at 06:28, then Ugoke at 6:40 from where it departs at 6:41 and then lastly its destination Sialkot Junction at 6:55.

Timings from Sialkot to Wazirabad:

Here route and stations are exactly reverse to the stations mentioned above. Train starts at Sialkot by 16:30 and ends at Wazirabad Junction at 17:30.

Note: The fares and prices of ticket aren’t provided because they are updated regularly. So, the responsible department must be consulted.

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