How Expats Can Apply For Hajj From Saudi Arabia ?

Performing HajjHajj is one of the five basic pillars of Islam which is mandatory for all the Muslims who are financially and physically capable of doing it. It is an annual Islamic gathering in the Kaaba, Saudi Arabia which is considered as the largest gathering of people in the world with millions of pilgrims. Hajj is performed every year in the last month of an Islamic calendar, Zil-Hajj. All the Muslim countries in the world receives millions of Hajj applications every year, from which people are selected by keeping in view the capacity.

Performing Hajj was much easier five years ago than today because now you have to take permission from the Saudi government before performing Hajj. The total expenses of Hajj from Saudi Arabia are approximately SR 8000 per person. So below we have defined the complete procedure and documents required to perform Hajj from Saudi Arabia.

Suitable Agent For Hajj Application

  • After deciding to perform Hajj, first step is to find a suitable agent for Hajj application in order to perform Hajj from Saudi Arabia.
  • You should have to take Tasreeh (Hajj Permit) which can be only obtained through authorized Hajj agents.
  • In order to find suitable agent, you can contact your neighbors or friend who had already performed Hajj through agents.
  • Check at least 2 or 3 agents before deciding because there is lot of difference in the services and rates of the agents.
  • You can also apply for Hajj through approved Hajj agents and there list is available on the website of Ministry of Hajj.
  • Make sure that the agent you have selected for Hajj application have good reputation in the market with reasonable rates.

Documents Required For Hajj Permit (Tasreeh)

  • Iqama copy.
  • Passport copy.
  • 4 passport size photos.
  • Copy of driving license or blood group report, for blood group checking.
  • Report of Meningitis Vaccination.
  • Hajj application signed by the sponsor. Application can also be collected from the Hajj agent.

Collecting Hajj Permit From Agent

You must have to be careful while collecting Hajj permit or Tasreeh from agents because many fraudulent are operating in Saudi Arabia. Always check the Hajj permit before leaving for Hajj that whether it is real or fake.

Performing Hajj Without Permit

  • First of all, performing Hajj without permit or Tasreeh, is a clear violation of the Saudi law.
  • It is morally and ethically wrong to perform this type of superior religious worship by cheating.
  • Some people adopt this wrong way of performing Hajj without permit but in case anyone caught by the police, serious punishments will be imposed which also lead to deportation.
  • You will also have to face many problemsĀ if you are performing Hajj without Tasreeh like lack of accommodation, shelter, washrooms and many other necessities.

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