No More Space for illegal Foreigners in Saudi Arabia, Ministry Warned

illegal Foreigner in SaudiaThe Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia has warned all the illegal foreigners to leave the Kingdom immediately. The sources of the Ministry of Labor have told the local newspaper that they will soon start the action against all the illegal workers in Saudi Arabia.  All the foreigners who are working for their sponsors or in other organization, without any registration from the Ministry of Labor would be deported on their illegal sponsor’s expense. Deported illegal workers would be banned to enter the Kingdom for 1 year and if they repeat the violation, then would not be able to enter for at least 2 years.

The sources also added that if the legal sponsors fail to report the illegal expatriates, they will be fined SR 5000 for their first neglect, SR 10000 for the second and at least one year in a prison and SR 15000 will be imposed on third time violence. The Saudi citizens who employ illegal foreigners would also have to pay the fine with the sentence to jail for at least one month.

The senior officials in Ministry of Labour requested the citizens and foreigners to cooperate with them in order to prevent the violation of labor laws in the Kingdom.

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