Foreigners In Saudi Arabia Have Right To Keep Their Passport -MOL

passports_1The Labor Ministry in Saudi Arabia has clarify once again that it is the right of all the foreigners working in Saudi Arabia to keep their passport with them. The spokesman of the ministry of labor Taysir Al-Mofraj said that anyone who violate this rule will have to face huge penalties and serious actions will be taken by the ministry against that violator. He said that many employers hold the passports of the foreign workers as a guarantee not to leave but there are many ways to escape without any passport or other documents. He also said that the foreign workers who runaways from the company leaving their passports or other documents usually register again with the embassies without any documents.

The director of Labor Office in Jeddah, Sultan AL-Harbi also confirmed that it is the clear violation of the labor law to take passports from foreign workers. While talking to a local newspaper, Sultan Al-Harbi also encouraged the foreign workers to lodge a complaint against their employer if he took your passport or other important documents.

It is to be noted that usually foreigners working in Saudi Arabia must have to submit their passport to their employers in order to provide them surety for not to leave.

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