Lebanon Visa: Applying Process For Pakistanis

Beirut, LebanonLebanon is a small Middle Eastern country which is visited by many Pakistanis for tourism & business purposes. To enter Lebanon Pakistanis need a visa for which the applying process is easy & simple.

The procedure for different types of visa such as short term business, tourism, or long term visa remains same though the requirements and fees will differ.

How To Apply?

The method to apply for Lebanon is very simple:

1) Visit the embassy in Islamabad to get the application form.
2) Fill the application form in capital letters
3) Attach the required documents
4) Pay the visa processing fees
5) Visit & submit your application in the embassy

Currently no online or evisa facility is available for Lebanon. Many people use the services of travel agencies and agents to apply for visa.

Document Requirements:

The document requirements will depend on the type of visa for which you apply for, the requirements for family visit, business & tourism are as follows:

Business Visa:

  • 2 Visa Application Form completely filled with capital letters
  • Copies of first 3 pages of your passport
  • Recent Photograph
  •  Hotel Reservation
  • Letter of Sponsor (if applicable)
  • Flight reservation & return ticket
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months to prove financial stability during your visit
  •  Employee or Student card identifying the applicant
  •  Invitation letter from the Business entity in Lebanon. This letter should contain all details such as duration of stay, name, address and Telephone numbers of the Lebanese company. It should be addressed to Lebanese Embassy in Islamabad
  • Business/Chamber membership of the invitee
  • Proof of the Business relations

Tourist Visa:

  •   Visa Application
  •    Copies of Passport with at least 8 months validity
  •  Recent Photographs
  •   Hotel reservation or details of the sponsor in Lebanon who must submit copies of his documents such as passport, ID car, Registration Certificate in case of local or temporary/permanent residence permit if foreigner)
  •   Bank Statements for at least 3 months
  •       Booking of return ticket

Family Visit:

  •  All documents that are required for tourist visa
  • Prove of relationship through official documents attested by relevant authorities

Transit Visa:

  •   Visa or Resident Permit of the destination country
  •    Ticket of the destination country

Student Visa:

Following additional documents will be required if you are applying for a student visa:

  •        Invitation letter from Lebanese College, University or educational institute
  •         Official Admission Letter from approved Universities, Schools or Institutions in Lebanon
  •       Proof of financial support during your study and stay in Lebanon

 Visa Fees:

The charges and cost for processing visa application for Lebanon is as follows:

·         Single Entry = Rs. 3780

·         Two Entries = Rs. 5400

·         Multiple Entries = Rs. 7560

Processing Time:

Lebanese embassy requests applicants to submit the visa application at least before 1 month because in some cases the applications are sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon which may result in longer time period to process the application.

For more details and information contact at:
Address: Street 17, School Road, F-6/1 Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Number: (92-51) 2278338 – 2279007 – 2278565
Fax: (92-51) 2826410
Email: lebemb@comsats.net.pk
Website: islamabad.mfa.gov.lb/pakistan/english

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