Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Attestation Requirement in Abroad

There are certain requirements that the ministry of foreign affairs demand in order to attest the documents. They had provided certain rules and also had declared what document they attest.

This ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan which is situated in Islamabad and has its campuses or offices in other big cities of Pakistan like in Quetta, Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore.

The ministry does not see any of the document’s clarity or its authenticity. Their work is to only testify and give the guarantee that the previous attestation on the document either it was by the education commission or any other authority is legally acceptable or not.

They also confirm the attestation, signatures or the authorities by which the document was attested or signed. In which the documents that are issued by the provincial, central and local government sectors are included and also the documents that are to be send out of the country and are submitted to the foreign affairs in Pakistan. The documents which are to be shown in the country itself and are verified by foreign missions are also included.

In addition to this the ministry of foreign affairs do not attest any document which were been written in languages other than English and Urdu. The applicants who had documents written in any other languages are requested to get translated copy of the document form the translation center and should be verified by the diplomatic mission that is situated in Islamabad and should be submitted straight to the embassy.

Once the documents are attested then there is need to re-attest it again neither will the ministry attest it. They are then valid for the whole life.

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