Subject, Verb & object

Hello Friends! Last time, you were taught cursorily (سرسری طور پر ) about subject, verb and object, we will, today, elaborate these three topics. Subject Usually, the subject is a doer of an action or you can say a person who performs an action in a sentence is said to be a “Subject”. For instance:

You write a letter/He runs fast/She cooks Biryani etc.

In these sentences, the words “you”, “he” and “she” are doing something that’s why they are called subjects. But, sometimes there is no action in a sentence and people are confused what the subject is in the sentence because they have known only the definition of “doer of an action”. For instance:

He is a doctor/She is intelligent/We are friends etc.

In these sentences, there is no action but a state of being something. Here, The words “he”, “she” and “we” are also subjects. Hence, the definition “doer of an action” is an incomplete definition of subject. The complete definition of subject is (Who or What, when we talk about in a sentence is said to be the subject.) According to this definition, when we are talking about someone or something, that person or thing is also a subject. For example:

Ali is  a doctor/Salma is an engineer etc.

In the first sentence here, we are talking about Ali that he is a doctor. Similarly in the second sentence, we are talking about Salma that she is an engineer.

NOTE: “Who” refers to human being whereas “what” refers to thing or animal. Hence, when you want to identify who the real subject of a sentence is, ask questions with “who” or “what” and you will find your answer automatically. For instance:

Ali is a doctor = Who is a doctor? The answer is “Ali”

A cat catches a mouse = What catches a mouse? The answer is “a cat”

To be continued …

By: Hafiz Muhammad Noman

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