Predicate Of A Sentence

You have known of main and the basic parts of a sentence including subject, verb and object. Today I am going to tell you some other points that are perhaps not necessary but sometimes you can face them or somebody can talk to you about those. Hence, you should be aware of them.

Predicate Whatever we say about subject is called “Predicate”. For instance: He is my brother/She speaks English very fast/My uncle is a policeman etc. In these three sentences, the words which are bold are the Predicate because these words are telling or informing us about the subjects.

NOTE: A predicate starts soon after subject and it can contain verb, object, adverb, adjective and so on. Usually a predicate ends in object but if it is extended more than object, it is called Extension of the predicate. For instance:

He is eating ice-cream on the roof with his little child.

In this sentence, the predicate ends in ice-cream whereas the remaining words of the sentence which are bold are “Extension of the predicate”.

To be continued . . .

By: Hafiz Muhammad Noman

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