Jaffar Express Train Timing, Ticket Price & Stops

Jaffar Express train is a Pakistani train service that runs daily between Quetta and Peshawar. It passes through multiple stations and stops providing transportation services at affordable ticket price for all those cities.

The train is named after Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali who was a famous head of Baloch tribe and a friend of Quaid-e-Azam.

He was also the uncle of Ex Prime Ministers Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali who inaugurated the train service in 2003 as a tribute to services of Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali for Pakistan.

Timings & Ticket Fares:

Jaffar Express offers three accommodation classes which are AC Sleeper, AC Standard and Economy, this helps passenger to travel al affordable cost.

The train departs from Peshawar at 5:45 AM, the departure timings from other stations and ticket fares are as follows:

Departure StationArrival StationDeparture Timing Ticket Price
Peshawar CanttQuetta05:45 AMAC Sleeper Rs. 6,650
AC Standard: Rs. 4,550
Economy: Rs. 1,950
Peshawar CityQuetta05:54 AMAC Sleeper Rs. 6,600
AC Standard: Rs. 4,550
Economy: Rs. 1,950
NowsheraQuetta06:27 AM AC Sleeper Rs. 6,500
AC Standard: Rs. 4,400
Economy: Rs. 1,950
Jahangira RoadQuetta06:52 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 6,450
AC Standard: Rs. 4,350
Economy: Rs. 1,900
Attock CityQuetta07:31 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 6,350
AC Standard: Rs. 4,300
Economy: Rs. 1,900
RawalpindiQuetta09:30 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 6,100
AC Standard: Rs. 4,150
Economy: Rs. 1,750
JhelumQuetta11:30 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,700
AC Standard: Rs. 3,900
Economy: Rs. 1,650
Lalal MusaQuetta12:14 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,550
AC Standard: Rs. 3,750
Economy: Rs. 1,650
GujratQuetta12:33 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,500
AC Standard: Rs. 3,700
Economy: Rs. 1,600
WazirabadQuetta12:56 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,400
AC Standard: Rs. 3,650
Economy: Rs. 1,600
Gujranwala Quetta1:25 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,300
AC Standard: Rs. 3,600
Economy: Rs. 1,600
Lahore JunctionQuetta3:10 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,150
AC Standard: Rs. 3,450
Economy: Rs. 1,550
Lahore CanttQuetta3:21 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 5,150
AC Standard: Rs. 3,450
Economy: Rs. 1,550
Raiwind Quetta3:55 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,950
AC Standard: Rs. 3,350
Economy: Rs. 1,550
PattokiQuetta4:31 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,850
AC Standard: Rs. 3,250
Economy: Rs. 1,550
OkaraQuetta5:17 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,700
AC Standard: Rs. 3,150
Economy: Rs. 1,550
SahiwalQuetta6:31 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,550
AC Standard: Rs. 3,100
Economy: Rs. 1,550
ChichawatniQuetta7:04 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,400
AC Standard: Rs. 2,950
Economy: Rs. 1,400
Mian ChannunQuetta7:31 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,300
AC Standard: Rs. 2,800
Economy: Rs. 1,400
KhanewalQuetta8:20 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,150
AC Standard: Rs. 2,700
Economy: Rs. 1,300
MultanQuetta8:20 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 4,050
AC Standard: Rs. 2,650
Economy: Rs. 1,300
BahawalpurQuetta10:40 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 3,600
AC Standard: Rs. 2,350
Economy: Rs. 1,200
Rahim Yar KhanQuetta01:10 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 2,900
AC Standard: Rs. 1,900
Economy: Rs. 1,000
SadiqabadQuetta01:32 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 2,900
AC Standard: Rs. 1,850
Economy: Rs. 1,000
GhotkiQuetta02:42 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 2,400
AC Standard: Rs. 1,400
Economy: Rs. 800
RohriQuetta04:20 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 2,100
AC Standard: Rs. 1,250
Economy: Rs. 700
SukkurQuetta04:35 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 2,100
AC Standard: Rs. 1,250
Economy: Rs. 700
ShikarpurQuetta05:15 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 1,950
AC Standard: Rs. 1,200
Economy: Rs. 650
JacobabadQuetta06:20 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 1,700
AC Standard: Rs. 1,000
Economy: Rs. 550
Dera AllahyrQuetta06:37 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 1,550
AC Standard: Rs. 950
Economy: Rs. 550
Dera Murad JamaliQuetta07:00 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 1,500
AC Standard: Rs. 950
Economy: Rs. 550
Bakhtiarabad DomkiQuetta07:55 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 1,250
AC Standard: Rs. 700
Economy: Rs. 500
SibiQuetta09:45 AMAC Sleeper Rs. 900
AC Standard: Rs. 550
Economy: Rs. 300
Ab-i-gumQuetta11:30 AM
AC Sleeper Rs. 500
AC Standard: Rs. 400
Economy: Rs. 200
MachQuetta12:15 PM
AC Sleeper Rs. 450
AC Standard: Rs. 400
Economy: Rs. 200
KolpurQuetta1:30 PMAC Sleeper Rs. 400
AC Standard: Rs. 400
Economy: Rs. 200

The train takes more than 34 hours to cover the distance of 1,632 kilometers from Peshawar to Quetta, one of the reasons for this long duration is the numerous stops.

The departure timing from Quetta and duration of stays at different stations are as follows:

StationArrival TimingDeparture Timing
Quetta09:00 AM
Kolpur09:45 AM 09:50 AM
Mach10:55 AM 11:10 AM
Ab-i-gum11:40 AM 11:42 AM
Sibi1:40 PM 2:10 PM
Bakhtiarabad Domki3:06 PM 3:08 PM
Dera Murad Jamali4:06 PM 4:08 PM
Dera Allahyr4:43 PM 4:45 PM
Jacobabad5:00 PM 5:10 PM
Shikarpur6:02 PM 6:07 PM
Sukkur6:45 PM 6:50 PM
Rohri7:00 PM 7:25 PM
Ghotki8:08 PM 8:10 PM
Sadiqabad9:16 PM 9:18 PM
Rahim Yar Khan9:37 PM 9:39 PM
Bahawalpur12:33 AM 12:36 AM
Multan01:50 AM 02:10 AM
Khanewal02:50 AM 02:55 AM
Mian Channun03:27 AM 03:29 AM
Chichawatni03:55 AM 03:57 AM
Sahiwal04:40 AM 04:42 AM
Okara05:08 AM 05:10 AM
Pattoki05:59 AM 06:01 AM
Raiwind 06:35 AM 06:40 AM
Kot Lakhpat07:18 AM 07:20 AM
Lahore Cantt07:43 AM 07:45 AM
Lahore Junction07:55 AM 08:30 AM
Gujranwala 09:24 AM 09:26 AM
Wazirabad10:08 AM 10:10 AM
Gujrat10:26 AM 10:28 AM
Lalal Musa10:47 AM 10:49 AM
Jhelum11:26 AM 11:28 AM
Rawalpindi1:40 PM 2:05 PM
Attock City3:27 PM 3:29 PM
Jahangira Road4:06 PM 4:08 PM
Nowshera4:25 PM 4:27 PM
Peshawar City5:38 PM 5:40 PM
Peshawar Cantt5:50 PM

This is why Jaffar Express is not only important for connecting Quetta and Peshawar but also all these cities and stations from Quetta to Peshawar.

Passengers can book their tickets by visiting the station or by simply using the official website of Pakistan Railways. Booking is also possible through the mobile app of Pak Railways.


Jaffar Express comes with all basic facilities that you expect in any passenger service of Pakistan Railways. The AC Sleeper are the most comfortable cabins where you can get separate washroom, LCD in each cabin, clean drinking water and newspaper.

There is no dining cabin attached with Jaffar Express and most of the cabins are for economy class. As there are only few seats for AC Sleeper passenger have to book their seats many days before the journey.

For more information, booking details and any complain contact Pakistan Railways at their helpline.

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