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Khushhal Khan Khattak is an old and good profile train. It has been serving the passengers of Pakistan railway for long. It is actually an express train with years of experience. The train carries the passengers from Peshawar to Karachi and vice versa daily. Khushhal Khan Khattak starts journey from Karachi named 19 up and the second turn from Peshawar station named 20 down. Here are the stations which the train touches and stops. These timings and stations have been written in accordance with the latest and most recent data available.

Timings of Khushhal Khan Khattak from Karachi to Peshawar

Karachi to Kotri Jn:

 The train starts its journey from Karachi city at around 20:00, from where it heads towards Karachi Cat and reaches the by 20:10. The train waits here for 10 minutes and then leaves for the further journey at 20:20. From here the train reaches Landhi Jn at 20:45, then Bin Qasim at 21:01, then Marshalling Yard Pippri at 21:14, then Dabehji at 21:29, then Ran Pethani at 21:48, then Jhimpir at 22:21, then Kotri Jn at 23:05. Here the train stops for 20 minutes. So that people may relax and buy the necessary stiff.

Kotri to Larkana:

From Kotri Jn train leaves for Sind University where it reaches at 23:38, then Sehwan Sharif at 1:43, then Dadu at 3:00, then Piaro Goth at 3:36, the Rahmani Nangar at 3:53, then Radhan at 4:19, then Badah at 04:38, then Larkana Jn at 05:30. Here the train again waits for 20 minutes so to cease the journey for a short time and allow people to visit the ancient city of Larkana and buy necessary items of usage.

Larkana to Rajanpur and Forward:

From Larkana train heads forwards towards Shah Nawaz Bhutto, where it reaches at 06:30, the Shikarpur at 07:55, then Jacobabad Jn at 08:50, then Haaibat Shahid at 10:44, then Kandkot at 11:20, then Kashmor Colony at 12:55, then Mithan Kot at 14:23, then Rajanpur at 14:40. Here the train waits for 10 minutes to let the people take a switch from journey.

From here the train touches different stops at different timings like Jampur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Shadan Lund, Kot Adu Jn, Kot Sultan, Leiah, Karor, Bhakkar, Darya Khan, Kallur Jot, Piplan, Kundian Jn, Mianwali, Daud Khel Jn, Injra, Chhab, Jand Jn and few more until it reaches Peshawar Cantt at 07:30.

Timings of Khushhal Khan Khattak from Peshawar to Karachi

Timings from Peshawar to Karachi are in reverse order to that of above.

Note: Fares and charges of ticket are subjected to regular changes that’s why not included here. Please consult the responsible department.

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