World’s Amazing Legal Rules and Regulations

lawIt is considered the duty of all citizens to abide by the law of state. There are numerous amazing laws around the world that would drop your jaw. In the most developed states of the world like USA, Europe, UK, even today one can find some startling laws. Following is the collection of some wonderful laws of different countries. Breaching of these laws may even result sentence or fine.

  • In Milan people are legally bound to always put smile on their faces.
  • In Samoa’s state, it is illegal to forget wife’s birthday.
  • In Britain, it is not permitted by the law to die in the House of Parliament.
  • In Germany, if you are wearing sandals or slippers then you can not drive.
  • In Barcelona, Spitting on roads or pathway is illegal.
  • In Greece, it is unlawful to visit historical places with high heels on.
  • In Denmark, you must keep your automobiles headlight dim during day time otherwise you will have to pay fine.
  • In Washington, showing yourself as a Richie rich’s son or daughter is against the law of the state.
  • In Singapore, chewing of gum is not only unethical but also an illegal activity.

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