Pakistan: Charges of Turkey, Dubai, Thailand, South Africa

People travelling to many countries from Pakistan among them some of the destinations are renowned places to visit with variation in Visa charges e.g., Turkey, Thailand, Dubai etc.

In the past few years, it is evident that travel and tourism industry has flourished and people are travelling internationally.

Many travellers from Pakistan also consider travelling to different countries for vacation and for business purposes. Visa fees for various famous destinations are as follows:

• Dubai one month Visa fees for Rs.17,000
• Dubai three months Visa fees for Rs.40,000
• Spain Visa fees for Rs.23,000
• Netherlands Visa fees for Rs.27,000
• United Kingdom Visa fees for Rs.35,000
• Türkiye Visa fees for Rs.25,000
• Canada Visa fees for Rs.35,000
• South Africa Visa fees for Rs.15,000
• Thailand Visa fees for Rs.6,500

One of the popular fun to go place is always Maldives and interestingly Visa is free for Pakistani passport holders. People can access the country with almost no Visa formalities which helps in cutting down the budget for the trip.

The boost in travel and tourism has been noticed in past and people are travelling to enjoy vacations and for official purpose from Pakistan.

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