Tour Churna Island for Scuba diving, Snorkeling & Deep Sea diving

Churna_IslandPakistan is one of the best country in the world which is considered as heaven for the tourism. Like the land of Pakistan, sea of Pakistan is also filled with thousands of species and beautiful creatures of nature, where tourists can enjoy their life with some adventure and lots of entertainment. Charna Island is also one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan which is located in the Arabian Sea, at Sindh and Balochistan boundary. Charna Island is also known as Cheerno, and it is 6km away from the second largest fisher locality in Karachi, Mubarak Village.

In the recent years, Churna Island has become a tourist attraction and thousands of tourists visit there every month to enjoy marine life and experience thrill seeking adventures. Churna Island is basically hold by Pakistan Navy and mostly used by them as a firing range. Best season for enjoying picnic at Charna Island is from November to April, because of water level in the sea. There are many companies and tourism operators who are offering picnic at Charna Island, both on the individual basis or in groups. Almost all of them are offering same kind of services and adventures for the thrill seekers at Churna Island.

Churna_Island_1Tour operators normally offers picnic at Charna Island only on weekends at an individual level, but families or groups could be also entertained on week days also on special booking. Tour operators are offering different packages of Churna Island, according to the facilities. After the confirmation of your booking, the tour of Charna Island starts just after sunrise and all the tourists should have to reach at the site just after sunrise, as told by the operators. Some of the tour operators are also offering pick and drop at doorstep without any extra charges. All the tourists served breakfast by the tour operators, either on site or during journey to Churna Island.

Churna_Island_2After reaching at beach, tourists enjoy boat riding because the total distance of Churna Island from beach is around 5 kilometers. Tourists must have to use boats provided by the tour operators to reach at Charna Island. After reaching at Churna Island, tourists can enjoy Snorkeling and Free Diving with a diving mask and wet suit, provided by the tour operator. During Snorkeling and Free Diving, instructor would be there to guide and entertain all the tourists on individual level to avoid any difficulty and problem. During this adventure, tourists can experience beautiful gifts of nature with their eyes in deep sea.

Cliff Diving is also very interesting and thrill seeking adventure which tourists can also enjoy at Charna Island. They should have to dive from around 30 to 50 feet high cliff, in clear blue water. Other adventures at Churna Island includes Scuba Diving, Jet Ski, Banana Boat Ride, Speed Boat Ride and some others including Cave Exploration.

Churna_Island_3During the Deep Sea Dive, tourists can enjoy marine life at Charna Island including barracuda, sea snakes, narrow-barred Spanish mackerel, tuna, angel fish, sea fan, ray fish, oyster, dorado, rare green turtle and many other gifts of nature, normally hidden from human’s eye. Lunch is also provided to all the tourists at Charna Island during the adventures, with refreshment and it is normally included in the package.

Churna Island tour can be expensive for many people but if anyone can easily afford it, just try it at least once in your whole life to experience natural beauty with your eyes. While thinking about the tour to Charna Island, almost everyone have a question in their minds about security. So the answer to this question is, that it is the responsibility of the tour operator and all of them provide reasonable security to the tourists. Lifeguards facility and all other necessary preventive measures are taken by the tour operators for the safety of tourists.

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