Mixed Passenger Train Timings and Daily Schedule

Mixed Passenger Train is a regular and renowned Pakistani train running for a long time. It is a locally popular train in public and is running for a long time with perfection. The train runs between the stations of Lalamusa and Sargodha. The train runs on daily basis. Exact name of stations are Sargodha 353 and the other is named Lala Musa 354. Timings of Mixed Passenger Train at all stations presented here with respect to the recent schedule available.

Train Timings and Stations from Sargodha to Lala Musa Junction:

From Sargodha Junction to Phularwan:

Train starts its journey at Sarodha Junction on 11:00, it moves ahead to Mitha Lak and reaches there at 11:13, then Ajnala at 11:26, then Bhalwal at 11:39, the Phularwan at 12:06.

From Ratto Kala to Pindmukko:

Train continues its journey and reaches Mona at 12:21, then Pindmukko at 12:29.

From Pakhowal to Hariah and Forward:

The train continues and then reaches Pakhowal at 12:34, then Banh Mianwala at 12:50, then Chak Saida at 12:56, then Malakwal Junction at 13:05, then Hariah at 13:28, then Ala at 13:39, then Mandi Baha-Ud-Din at 13:52, then Chilianwala at 14:8.

Later it reaches the stations of Chak Sher Muhamma at 14:15, Dinga at 14:27, Jaurah Karnana at 14:45, then Aktar Karnana at 14:53 and lastly at destination Lala Musa Junction.

Train Timings and Stations from Lala Musa Junction to Sargodha:

Here the order of stations is reverse to the order mentioned above.

Note: All prices and fares of ticket are subjected to regular changes. So the respective department should be consulted. You can contact on the number 2135499111.

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