Interesting Marriage Laws In The World That We Violates Every Day

Marriage is a social and legal contract between man and women to ensure the rights of the couple and their children. It is a bond between man and women to take a good care of each other in all the terms and promise to spend the whole life with each other. There are different types of marriage laws implemented in the world and each country of the world have its own marriage laws. Some of them are so interesting that we normally not follow in our country. Some of the interesting and weird marriage laws implemented in different parts of the world are given below:

Interesting Marriage Laws

  • If you married just for fun in the US state of Delaware, it is easy to get separated. This law is not implemented in other states of US.
  • Husband and wife are not able to sleep nak*d under one roof, if they are living in the rental house in US state ofMassachusetts.
  • Wife should take permission of her husband in order to fit artificial teeth in US state of Vermont.
  • In the US state of Kansas, husband should have to behave good with her mother in law, otherwise there is possibility of divorce.
  • Girls have to show their skills by hunting 2 crows or 6 birds to marry in Cape Code.
  • Women are not allowed to marry more than 3 times with the same men in Kentucky.
  • First cousins marriage is permitted after 65 years of age in US state of Utah.
  • In 2007-2008, teenagers below 18 years of age were given the permission to marry with the consent of their parents.
  • Grooms and Brides were given the permission to send anyone on their behalf to conduct marriage in California, Colorado, Texas and Montana. This facility was good for the people who were living outside.
  • Husbands and wives are not allowed to kiss in the public places in US state of Kentucky.

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