MQM Boycotts In-camera Session Of Sindh Assembly

Karachi: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has boycotted the in-camera session of the Sindh Assembly, opposing the government’s decision to withdraw from the cases of Lyari operation. After the boycott, MQM leader Dr. Saghir Ahmed told Media that the government did not give MQM confidence on withdrawing from the cases against the members of Lyari gang war due to which MQM leadership decided to boycott in-camera briefing that was to be given by IG Sindh in the Sindh Assembly.

He accused that Lyari gang war’s illegal activities are underway under supervision of the ruling party owing to which people in Karachi are being massacred. He further said that PPP gave a message to the MQM that both the parties would not be allies any more in the upcoming elections.

He warned if the cases against the terrorists of Lyari gang war were taken back, the MQM would set its agenda.

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