Saudi Man Gives Divorce His Wife For Not Shutting A Car’s Door

Islam prohibits Muslims from divorcing out of annoyance or for little reasons, but this order did not stop a Saudi man from leaving his wife because she rejected to shut their car door. according to current reports in local media and on social networking sites.

The couple apparently went on a picnic and when they went back home, the wife came out, helped their children to perform so and then moved to get in their house.
[alert-success]Her husband then said her to close the door, but she rejected and saying he ought to do so because he was closer to it. Irritated at her reply, the husband apparently said: “You are prohibited to me and ought not to go in my home if you do not shut the door.”[/alert-success]

The woman then reportedly left and returned to her father’s house. Many people have attempted to settle the couple, but the woman has discarded all attempts, saying that she does not wish to stay married to such an “irresponsible” man


“Intention is vital in such cases, but such a behavior is reckless.” He said Islam has provided men a big deal of responsibility to take action correctly under these situations. “So a man ought to be very careful about his actions,” he said.

He said a judge would provide a final decision in such cases. He warned that people ought not to take action quickly and in anger.

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