China Agreed To Mediate On The Kashmir Issue

cHINAChinese ambassador Liu Jian said that China agreed to mediate on the Kashmir issue. Last evening farewell dinner was given in his honour in Islamabad. In this he discussed the Kashmir issue; he said China can make peace in both countries. Chinese ambassador said that mediator is willing to play the role to resolve the Kashmir disagreement between the two countries. China  wants peace in between Pakistan and India that’s why it plays its role to resolve the issue of Kashmir.

China is our trusted friend who selflessly helped us in every hour and in particular on the issue of Kashmir. China categorically supports Pakistan’s stance that Indian never accepted the citizens of Kashmir. Main objective is to highlight the disputed status of Kashmir. In this context, the outgoing Ambassador of China offered the role of China’s arbitration to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Main Nawaz Sharif should realize the struggling of the Kashmiri people and he should be subject to improve the trade relations with India to resolve the Kashmir issue. Syed Ali Gilani advised.

Mediator can resolve the Kashmir issue to the UN resolutions on this issue, however, thanks to China in the light of which is to be solved without the possibility of Pakistan-India relations is conducive to regional and world peace can be guaranteed.

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