Pakistan Tops The List When It Comes To Patriotism

patriotismIslamabad: Gallop conducted a survey recently to ascertain the percentage of people ready to give their lives for their countries and the results obtained will make every Pakistani proud. Yes folk! Pakistan beat America and China in this respect to rank first among these states. According to the statistics, Pakistan ranked first with 88% people ready to sacrifice their lives for their country, China came in second with 74% people ready to give their lives, United States of America came in third with 58% people ready to give their lives, while Chile came in fourth with 47% people ready to give their lives for their country.

Well if Pakistan was to outrun the super powers of the world, this was the right moment to do so. The survey was conducted among these states specifically to check the state of patriotism in these countries. Inspite of the poor living standards and poverty conditions in Pakistan and inspite of a lack of the basic necessities such as, water, electricity and gas and inspite of the high rate of inflation, terrorism and unemployment, the Pakistani’s still had their spirits high and were ready to lift arms for their country.

The people of the four countries were asked if they were ready to sacrifice their lives in the state of emergency or war. About 88% people were ready to serve their country, while 20% refused to do so and 6% of the people didn’t answer. Similarly, 50% of the Americans replied yes to the question, while 41% said no and 1% of them didn’t answer. Chile’s response was the most depressing. About 41% answered yes, while 47% answered no and 12% declined to answer. 60 other countries were also included in the survey. The survey included the four provinces of Pakistan and the federal capital of Pakistan.

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