How To Open Bank Account In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Hollandi BankForeign expatriates including many Pakistani’s went to Saudi Arabia to find their favorite job due to vast economy of the Kingdom. After finding their jobs, they must have to open an account to receive salaries which are generally transferred by the employers to their bank accounts or give them a cheque. They must need a letter of introduction from their employers to open bank account in Saudi Arabia. Most of the organizations in Saudi Arabia have their own templates to write these letters but some companies does not have them. So here we have given the sample for letter of introduction by which you can open your bank account.

Sample For Letter Of Introduction

  • Full name as mentioned on your Iqama
  • Your Iqama Number
  • Profession as mentioned on your Iqama
  • Your date of Joining to the Company
  • Your Gross Salary

Attestation On Letter From Chamber Of Commerce

  • Letter of Introduction should be attested from the Chamber of Commerce and signed by the person whose signatures are registered.
  • Only some banks ask for the attestation of Letter of Introduction from Chamber of Commerce while most of them usually didn’t ask for it.
  • Chamber of Commerce charge the fee of SR 25 for each document.
  • If you are an employee of governmental or public sector company such as ARAMCO and Saudi Airline, you don’t need to attest your Letter of Introduction from Chamber of Commerce.

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