Brazil Visa Details for Pakistan, Fees & Requirements

brazilian visaEvery Pakistani who wants to visit Brazil will need a visa except those with diplomatic passports. The fees and requirements will depend on the type of visa for which you are applying for.

Pakistani citizens can either apply through the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad & consulates of Brazil in Karachi, Lahore & Peshawar or they can apply through travel/visa agencies.

How To Apply?

The basic process to apply for visa of Brazil will remain same no matter whether you are a tourist, student or expat. The duration of the stay, whether it is a short stay or long doesn’t matter and the method will remain same.

Follow these simple steps to successfully apply for Brazilian Visa:

1) Open the application form of visa from official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil
2) Complete the application form by providing personal information
3) Provide information of your visit such as purpose & estimated stay period
4) Details of your Passport, professional job & address
5) Now attach your photograph, signature and scanned documents
6) Download & Print the application form
6) Pay the required fees at the official bank account of Embassy of Brazil
7) Submit your form, along with required documents at Embassy of Brazil

This is the simple procedure to get your visa for Brazil. Currently no e-visa or online submission is available.

Tourist Visa:

If you are a tourist and want to visit Brazil for short term then you should apply for tourist visa. Any foreigners can apply for tourist visa.


The charges for tourist visa are $80 (Rs. 9,800)

Documents Required:

1) Printed & filled application form
2) Valid Passport
3) Birth certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4) Photocopy of Passport on A4 size page
5) Police Character Certificate
6) Hotel Reservation & booking of tickets
7) Bank statement for last 6 months

Business Visa:

If you are visiting Brazil for business purposes such as a trade expo or some scheduled meetings of your company then you will need a business visa.


The fees for processing Business Visa is $80 (Rs. 9,800)

Documents Required:

Following documents will be required when you apply for Brazilian Visa:

1) Application form filled and printed
2) Copy of Passport on A4 size
3) Letter from company or current employer
4) Invitation letter from a company of Brazil
5) Visa recommendation letter & Certificate from Chamber of Commerce
6) Attested Birth Certificate
7) Original Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

Student & Researcher Visa:

If you want to pursue higher studies in Brazil or want to spend few months in a Brazilian research department then you will require a student visa. But you will not be allowed to get employed through this type of visa.


The cost of Student & Registrar Visa is $100 (Rs. 12,000).

Documents Required:

Following documents will be required if you are applying for Student & Researcher Visa:

  • Printed Application Form
  • Original Valid Passport along with a copy on A4 size paper
  • Original letter from College or University in Brazil as an evidence confirming the admission
  • Letter from Pakistani college or university
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Police Character Certificate
  • Travelling schedule & accommodation evidence
  • Bank Statement of last 6 months

Permanent Visa:

If you want a permanent visa for family reunion then you can also apply for it through the Embassy of Brazil.


The charges for processing application of permanent visa is $100 (Rs. 12,000).

Documents Required:

To apply for permanent visa you will require the following documents:

  • Visa Application form which should be filled & signed.
  • Copy of ID card of the family member from Brazil
  • Affidavit written by family member living in Brazil
  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Family Registration Certificate
  • Original Passport along with copy on A4 size page
  • Colored copy of passport of Brazilian family member
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Statement of last 6 months

There is no certain time period for the issuance of visa, application process may take many weeks. Even the submission may take many days as the embassy only accepts 15 applications each day.

For more details & information contact at:
Address: House No.1, Street No.72, Sector F-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone Number: 00-92-51-2287189
Fax: 00-92-51-831-6332

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