How to Live safe and protected in Qatar?

People In QatarQatar is a sovereign Arab country located in Southwest Asia and is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Qatar is amongst top richest countries in the world with having third largest natural gas reserved and oil reserves in excess of about 25 billion barrels. Expatriates from all over the world including Pakistan, came here to find their desire jobs and for business. They also enjoy comfortable and tension free life in Qatar because of low crime rate as compared to other states. But the chances of crimes like residential theft and unattended vehicles are still exist.

In order to stay safe and protected in Qatar, the tips for the expatriates are given below:

Steps To Stay Safe In Qatar

  • First of all, always take care of your health because summer conditions are very bad in Qatar and bad weather may affect you. Try to stay at home after your duty and other important work especially in summer.
  • While you are leaving your house, always check the locks of door. If you are planning to be out of country for certain period, always switch off electrical units and keep the LPG cylinders turned off, if you are using it.
  • If you have precious goods in your home like furniture, jewelry and other household items, try to take home insurance from any commercial bank in order to protect them.
  • Always keep your id card which is issued by the Qatar government, with you in order to avoid the plenty of QR10,000, which is  imposed on those who can’t have it with them at the time of checking.
  • Always install fire extinguisher and smoke detectors in every room to avoid fire related incidents.
  • While parking your car at public places, always check that the doors are locked and don’t leave valuable goods like cell phones, laptop and other material in your car. Car insurance from commercial banks is better idea to prevent any theft.
  • Don’t leave your children or your pet inside the locked car, especially in summer.
  • Always try to use sunscreen lotion or cream while going outside in summer.
  • Always carry lots of water, food, spare tire and cables with you when you are planning to travel in deserts. Save emergency numbers in your mobile for emergency case.
  • While driving your car in Qatar, don’t exceed the speed limit and drive carefully, especially in the areas with a lot of traffic.
  • Single women should avoid walking on the streets with less crowd and especially at night. They should also cover up with complete dress in order to avoid any mishap.

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