How To Find Name Of Unknown Number in Pakistan? Simple Solutions

smartphone in hand with incoming call from unknown number

There are multiple methods and apps if you want to find the name or identify the details of an unknown number and caller in Pakistan.

For all these methods you simply need a smartphone or laptop along with a valid internet connection.

Here are the solutions through which you can find the name Of an unknown number in Pakistan. Hopefully, one of these methods will work for you. share in comments that through which way, you found the name, clue, or other details of the caller.


The first platform which you can use to identify the details of an unknown caller is a search engine such as Google. Simply type the number and search to check whether the number is listed on any website.

This works well if the caller was from a renowned organization or if the person has used his number on any business website.


Facebook is another option to identify calls from an unknown number, because Facebook allows users to create an account using their mobile number. Just login your account, search the number in the search bar and if any account is affiliated with that number then you will know through the results.

Smartphone Apps:

There are many apps such as Truecaller which can also be used to find details about a particular number. It is download by millions of users through Google play store and Apple app store. The service can also be accessed online through their official website but the service is not available in Pakistan as PTA blocked it in the country.

There are similar apps such as Showcaller, Whoscall, and Hiya which are available for free download through google playstore. What makes these apps unique is that they also allow users to block unknown numbers, helping you to get rid of spam messages and calls.

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