Overseas Pakistanis’ Status of Residence in United Kingdom

The immigration of people from Pakistan to Brittan started increasing form 1950’s and 1960s. The reason due to which it was made much easier was that Pakistan is common wealth member. The labor shortage at British textile and steel industries was resolved by the Pakistani immigrants.

Around 172,000 Pakistanis reside in the west Midlands, approximately 163,000 lives in London, again 163,000 in Yorkshire area, 133,000 in North West of England. Birmingham consists of almost 110,000 Pakistanis which is up to 11 percent of city population. Bradford has approximately 77,000 Pakistanis living which make 15.6 percent of city population. The Pakistanis lives in UK are makes a total estimate of 1.2 million till today and according to calculation if it goes increasing in the same way it will reach to an estimate of 2.63 million till 2031.

Many Pakistanis has established businesses in UK like Anwar Pervez generate revenue of about £2 billion with his Bestway group. There are many Pakistani doctors in UK as in 1960s the National Health Services took on many doctors form Pakistan. Many people had migrated to UK due to which their children and grand children became the nationals of Britain.

As there are only five ways to become a national of UK:

  • If anyone is born in UK
  • He/she has descents of British citizens
  • If they switch their BPP, BNO and BOC position to full nationality
  • His/her parent or grandparent was born in Britain.
  • He legally got the citizenship from the British government.

The local Pakistani residents especially students are encouraged to go to UK for higher studies. In this way they could help their country by studying there and learning about new technologies. Skilled persons can also get better opportunities.

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