Young Saudi Girl Fasts At The Age Of 3

3 year oldMakkah: A 3 year old Saudi girl has amazed the world by keeping fast in the holy month of Ramazan. According to the Arab media, the mother of 3 year and 7 month old Maryam Rashid was proud that her daughter has fasted at such a small age and that she was happy to have witnessed her daughter fasting as such a young age. She was happy that her daughter had gained such an honourable privilege at this age.

Maryam’s mother informed the media that she had fasted for the first time at the age of six, but her daughter had amazed her by fasting at the age of 3. She said that her daughter had made her very proud. She also said that her daughter had demanded nothing to eat and drink during her fast and completed it dutifully.

Young Maryam said that she had initially bothered her parents, but when they told her about the importance of fasting then she completed it. Fasting is usually made obligatory for all the Muslims from the age of 11, but Maryam has proved herself worthy of fulfilling this duty at a very young age.

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