How To Block Lost & Stolen SIM Card & Numbers

downloadMobile network’s call service helpline GSM that is formally accepted as “Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited” is a subsidiary of Egypt-based Telecommunication Company. Well, this is the mobile company in Pakistan that brought GSM based cellular service across the Pakistan. Today, it becomes a well-reputed and reliable mobile organization crossways the country with the numbers of subscribers more than 31.5 million and a wider reporting area in more than 10000 locations in Pakistan. Now, the complaints of lost or stolen phones become more in Pakistan and Service centre faces maximum grievance of lost or stolen phones by their customers. As the customers of any networking GSM enquires a common query about how to record a report about stolen phone as well as how to chunk their SIM in stolen phone, so networking tenders them a suitable way of deciding this serious issue.

How to block SIM card

To obtain your SIM card blocked, you have to make a call up your mobile network’s call service helpline and obtain your number/SIM blocked right away before it gets misrepresented.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • IMEI number
  • Cell phone number
  • Name
  • National Identity Card number
  • Address and contact number

Many people never tell and block their stolen SIM. It is for all time best to perform so before it gets misrepresented by anyone.

Akhbar nama hopes this information will be handy for you and don’t really require to use it ever.

How to Block a Number on Ufone

Ufone creates it very easy to block an received call or number to block. If someone creates trouble for you. Stop this caller or unnecessary calls. Maximum 20 numbers are able to be blocked from one sim. Firstly forward sms to 420 “sub”.

For Blocking a Number or Call

Write block number in message to forward to 420. Such as block 03337654321.

For unblock a number

Forward message to 420. “Unblock number”.  Like unblock 03337654321

 How to Block a Number on Jazz

Mobilink also has service for blocking is called “Call and Sms Block. You are able to put in more than one number to block for unnecessary calls and sms. For subscription to this service just sms “act ics” and send it to 420. you are able to block maxium 20 numbers.

Block a jazz number:      forward sms “ADD NB 03001234567” and forward to 420.

Unblock  a Jazz number:  forward sms “DEL 03001234657” to 420.

How to Block a Number on Warid

For this purpose Warid has commenced service called “Warid Call Block 9211”. Warid tender limit of calls and sms for unlimited numbers. For registration of this service just dial 9211 or forward message “Sub” to 9211.

To block a warid number

Forward sms “block 03211234567” and forward it to 420.

To Unblock / Remove number

Send sms “ unlbock 03211324567” to 420.

 Zong call blocking service

You are able to block unwanted calls and sms on your zong number. Zong tender maximum of 50 numbers to block. For subscription just dial 9211.

Telenor Block Number

From telenor call block service youv are able to block any number including Telenor, Zong, Warid, PTCL Landline, Jazz, Mobilink, Ufone etc. For registration for this blocking service just forward sms “Sub” and forward it to 420. One time block or unblock number charges for each is Rs. 2.


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