How To Block Lost Stolen SIM Card Number & Unwanted Call or SMS?

Phone Number Block Service

If you lost your smartphone or it is stolen than one of the first things you should do is blocking your mobile phone through IMEI and SIM Card. But many people don’t know how to block a phone number?

We will not only provide details about how you can block your lost SIM but also you can block some specific numbers from sending you messages or calling you.

How To Block A Number?

The method to block your phone number will depend on your telecom network provider because Jazz, Ufone, Zong and Telenor have different methods to block SIM Card.

The easiest way to get your SIM card blocked is calling the service centre or helpline of your network. Provide your SIM Number along with personal information such as:

  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Number
  • Address
  • Mother’s Name, etc

Another method is to visit the nearest franchise or customer service centre. Many Network Operators also provide online support through their official website, these are the three options through which you can block your mobile number after your mobile is snatched or you lost your phone number.

How To Block Number On Ufone?

To block your Ufone SIM, you can visit official website of Ufone and use Live Chat option to get your SIM blocked.

Similarly you can call their helpline at 333 from any active Ufone number or through PTCL at 033-11-333-100. The third option to block phone number is visiting Ufone Business Center or franchise along with your original valid CNIC.

How To Block Zong Number?

If you were using a Zong SIM which you now want to block then you can Visit the customer service centre to get it blocked, similarly you can contact their helpline at 310 using any Zong number or at 111-222-111 through PTCL.

Similarly you can also contact their official Facebook page, after providing your details such as Phone Number and CNIC Number.

How To Block Jazz Number?

If you want to block your Jazz number then call customer care at 111 using another Jazz SIM, you can also call the helpline using PTCL at 111-300-300. You can also block your phone number by visiting any nearby franchise or customer care center.

If you have Warid SIM which you want to get blocked then contact use any Warid Sim and dial 321 or using PTCL Call 111-111-321.

How To Block Telenor Number?

Telenor also allows customers to block their lost or stolen SIM cards through code *710#. You can dial this code with any Telenor number and then follow the instructions to provide details such as your phone number, CNIC and other details.

Users can also get their number by visiting franchise of Telenor which are spread across Pakistan. Customers can also call their helpline number 345 by Telenor SIM or 111-345-100 through PTCL to block their SIM.

How To Block Specific Numbers From SMS or Call:

All network operators in Pakistan allow customers to block specific numbers from calling you or sending you messages, you can also unblock these numbers later. Terms and conditions for each network differ

How To Block Ufone Number?

If you want to block any number on your Ufone SIM then use  “uBlock Service” through which you can block calls or messages from unwanted numbers at just Rs. 4.48+tax/week.

Call at 420 or dial code *420# and follow the instructions to add any number in your block list. You can also use this code to remove any number from the block list. At any time you can unsubscribe from this service by dialing the same code.

You can block 20 numbers at maximum, if you want to block any other number you will be required to remove any previous number from the list.

How To Block Number On Zong?

Zong also offers Call & SMS Block Service for prepaid and postpaid customers through which you can block calls & SMS and manage your block list. To avail this service simply call 420 or write sub and send it to 420, follow the instructions to add or remove block numbers.

The charges for this service is Rs. 15+Tax / month while Rs. 1 will be deducted separately for each SMS send to 420.

How To Block Number On Jazz?

Jazz also allows block service through 420 which you can avail through call or SMS. Just type sub and send it to 420 to activate this service on your mobile.

To block any number write BLOCK 0300-3333333 and send it 420. To step by step process simply dial *420# from your number.

Jazz allows customers to add 50 numbers in the black list, if you want to add more numbers you will be required to remove any previous numbers. Warid customers can also use 420 or *420# to block calls or SMS.

How To Block Number On Telenor?

Telenor launched ‘Call & SMS Blocker’ service to relieve customers from unwanted calls or SMS with Rs. 7.5 + Tax / week as charges. You can avail this service on your mobile phone by calling at 420 or using the code *420#.

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