Dangerous Applications’ Virus Transmitting Personal Login Info

virus-alert-signMost of the people download different apps owing to its use, but still another considerable chunk download the apps without knowing its ins and outs along with the exact work it will perform. This proves harmful for the app users themselves, as their personal information and data may be in the back side operations extracted out without the permission of the user. Recently experts pointed out an application which is doing the same with the personal information of the users. The application ‘Unfriend Alert’ notifies its users if any of their friend at Facebook deleted them from their list of friends.

The Threat

The application provides an amazing facility that too free of any charge to the users that is why it got famous very quickly. According to the experts from Internet Security Company ‘MalwareBytes’ the application when asks the users to login to their Facebook account the Login Credentials of the use are actually directed to another website of their own instead of Facebook. The app then uses this collected data to display numerous advertisements moreover they also are monitoring the Internet activities of the users. The deadly part of this app is that once you have installed it, it will not appear in the list of your applications on Facebook thus the users forget about the application overtime which in fact becomes silent killer over the time. The experts also argued that such Virus which is in the form of an application also have the ability to install suspicious apps on to your PC at its own without you even knowing about the matter.

The Fine Print

When users install any application, in the installation process the as you keep on advancing the terms and conditions are displayed and sometimes the usage rights and in some cases the License Agreement etc. Which are present there to save applications and their producers from legal implications and charges. According to a survey not more than 11% people actually go through the terms and conditions before proceeding or installing any application, which is very alarming because as soon as you tap/click on ‘I accept the terms and conditions’ you have transferred the right to the other side to execute what they intend to execute which is written there in the terms and conditions which basically is present there but the developers of such applications also know that very few people are going to read the licensing agreement/usage rights. While Installing any new application the users need to develop the habit of reading the terms and conditions the experts suggest, this will save them from severe problems which they may face later on owing to using the application. Same is the case with the application ‘Unfriend Alert’ which actually is authorized by you for ‘collecting user data’ or ‘monitoring user activities’ and 90% + users unknowingly accepted all the terms and conditions. Legally the users themselves have allowed the app producers to collect their data and monitor their online activities.

Remain Safe

The computer experts have suggested the users to keep an eye on the applications installed on their computers (via Uninstall or Change a program) and on your Smartphones (via The Application Manager). The users must keep a vigilant eye on the apps installed on their devices. Similar applies to Facebook too all the applications the users have added should be reviewed by the users in order to save themselves from data theft. The online security experts suggested that any suspicious application present on the computer/smartphone should be immediately un-installed and from the Facebook as well. The users should immediately search for this application ‘Unfriend alert’ and should un-install it along with changing their password of Facebook to keep themselves safe, there are other apps present out there in the market too for serving this purpose which the users can Install instead.

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