WhatsApp Introduces Delete Option

whatsappNew York: WhatsApp has become the largest multi platform chat application to be used by users all over the world that has allowed its users to chat easily with their phone contacts, as it automatically adds the contacts from the user’s phone to its list and the user can instantly connect with their contacts via the internet. This feature was a blessing as well as a nuisance as it didn’t give the option to delete a certain contact that the user didn’t want to connect with.

WhatsApp has however solved this problem. Previously, the only way to avoid a contact was to delete the contact permanently from the phone. But now users can keep the contact on their phones, but delete it from the WhatsApp application. The user will have to go on the main page of the application, where they will find three dots on the right hand side of the page. By tapping these dots, the user will be given the option of deleting the contact.

At times the contact will still be visible. This is because the user must have chatted with the contact in the past. Therefore, the user will need to delete all the conversations to completely get rid of the contact.

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