Microsoft Set To Reveal Windows 9 On September 30th

windows 9Microsoft is currently developing “Threshold” will be presented at the special event for the press that takes place September 30. According to sources of The Verge familiar with the plan from Microsoft, shortly after the announcement of September 30, that it is expected to preview version for developers is released codenamed “Threshold”. Be a “Windows 9” while unknown has been promising the full name.

It has been rumored Modern UI, which is also the voice of the hard to use in the “Windows 8” is of being improved, abolition had appeared on the right edge of the screen implementation of mini-Start menu, swipe operation of “Charm Bar” is expected have. The attention seems to have gathered to adopt digital assistant that is mounted in the “Windows 8.1” and “Cortana”.

It has been a specification that specializes in touch operation “Windows 8”. Be a specification gentle to mouse operations on the desktop is expected next OS in the “Threshold”. The only OS that was difficult to use “Windows 8” seems to be gathered also expectations of gamers in the game applications.

However, the possibility that before the final version is released to the public, Microsoft will cease to be equipped with this feature has also been suggested. New feature, you can make it easy to update the OS quickly without keep ~ long user. Microsoft offers (Patch Tuesday) monthly update program for Windows. You will be considered to be able to perform more smoothly than the current application of the update new features.

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